Why Companies Employ Wide Area Network?

Before we hush to the actual topic let’s understand what Wide Area Network is. The technology makes use of a communicating local computer to the large working networks perhaps for the national and international purposes. Here, in the article we’ll tell you about the facts and reasons that have made WAN an important factor for the companies.

Spread of business over international boundaries

A company working in one single area might have links to different departments together. Previously a lot of wires were used to suit the needs however now this has been replaced by the use of fiber optics that are used in almost all the offices. This however was restricted to one geographical location but over the time various business houses have been able to take their business to the international levels and hence the use of WAN came in the picture. Wide Area Network Architecture

Expansion to a broader area

The Wide Area network has made it possible for a company to expand over the broader area. For example, the banks earlier allowed cash transactions only from the designated branch but now you can withdraw and make transactions from any part of the world by using the online banking services.

Share internal functions

Since the business of the companies is expanding, they need to share internal functions such as reports of sales, marketing reports, accounting, production, manufacturing and development. That’s when the role of WAN comes into the picture. The companies use WAN and the network takes information from the individual based network and transforms it to a uniformed or comprehensive computer network.

Software’s integrated with Wide Area Network

The companies today have come up with software’s that are integrated with Wide area network. These software’s aid the users to store the data online and thereafter access them easily even when they’re not sitting at their workplace. Hence, the advantage here is that the information on the WAN can be accessed from any part of the world with absolute ease. Example a businessman is based in India and has visited UK for a business trip. Even then he’ll be able to access all the happenings in his company by visiting one single profile of the company. All this has been made possible by the use of Wide Area Network.

Damage to one branch’s data wouldn’t stop the work

Previously in case the data of one branch of the company crashes or one branch faces a natural calamity the work of the entire office used to stop. However, with the use of Wide Area Network all the work is placed online hence the damage of work at one branch will not restrict or make the work of other branches at halt.

Easy File sharing

WAN has made the process of file sharing absolutely simple and easy. Previously people faced a lot of difficulty in sending a file from one location to another however this is not the case now.

Final Words

WAN has played a key role in the company’s growth and expansion to international levels. Thus, almost all the companies make use of WAN.

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