Chatroulette: Video Chat with Random Strangers Online

Chatroulette is one of the most famous video chat apps where you can chat with random strangers online. It is one of the most popular chat apps with a wide user database. The app become quite famous during its launch within the initial months that it gained 1.5 million daily active users within a span of 4 months from the day of its launch. Since, then the video chat app continues to grow.

Chatroulette has been known to gave rise to various mini-celebrities, and it is now used as an advertising platform for various movies as well as products. If you are looking for a video chat app where you can chat with strangers, then you can for sure try Chatroulette. In this article, we will be discussing about the Chatroulette, its members, signup process, how to use, features and much more about it.

How to Sign Up with Chatroulette – Register on Chatroulette

Users need not register on Chatroulette. You can use the video chat platform without any account. Neither you will have to register, nor you will have to enter your details like your gender, name, or place. The app boasts video chat with random stranger online, and therefore, there is no need for registering on it. All you will need is a device with camera, and you can start talking to strangers.

Talk to Random Strangers on Chatroulette

Only video chat feature is available on the platform if you want to talk to people. Earlier text chatting was also available, but now that has been removed from the platform. In order to interact with people, you will have to enter the website, and click the chat button to proceed. Make sure you give camera and microphone access to connect with people. Blocking the access will show you blank screen, and you will not be able to speak to the people. When using the platform for talking to random strangers, you will be given choice, whether to choose between Filtered Chat or Unfiltered Chat.chatroulette Unfiltered Chat

What is Filtered Chat on Chatroulette?

In filtered chat, sexual behaviors are not promoted. If anyone is caught with sexual behaviors in filtered chat, they will be banned from the video chat platform. If you are looking for a normal chat without any sexuality, filtered chat is what you should prefer.

What is Unfiltered Chat on Chatroulette?

In unfiltered chat, users can do whatever they want. There will be no rules and regulations for the sexuality that you see on this type of chat room on the platform. Here, users can show their private parts, talk vulgar, and do any kind of explicit behavior. This is for adults only, and underage cannot go for the unfiltered chat option.

Chatroulette: Male vs Female

There are more males on the platform than the females on the platform. With that being said, there are 15 million members active from the USA itself, with 70,000 being active weekly. Talking about the male’s users and the female user’s proportion, 70% of the members on the platform are male, whereas the 30% of the active members on the platform are female. There are celebrities that come online and chat with strangers. Famous celebrities such as Merton, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, and many more have been spotted on the platform.

Chatroulette Paid Membership

The platform is free to use, you can just go to the site, and connect to random people and chat over video call with them. There is no premium membership for the people to use this website for chatting over video call.

Earlier there used to be a text chat option, but now that have been removed from the site, and users can only interact with other people over the video call. Video call is what this

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