Store Your Website Backups And WordPress Backups In Amazon S3 And Dropbox

As a website owner there are a lot of problems that you might have faced and regretted for not taking necessary steps. There are a number of factors that can cause your website to crash and you may end up losing all the data in such cases. Thereby it is very important that you back up the data of website from time to time. These backups ensure that you don’t lose the essential data of your site and also don’t have to start from the scratch. As a number of web developers are now looking for easier and better backup options, one such easy tool is provided by the Amazon which itself is a leading e-commerce website and also by the cloud storage tool Dropbox.

We will look into the various aspects of backing up your data on these two options that are the best according to our survey. Let’s have a look at both the methods.Website Backups and WordPress Backups in Amazon S3 And Dropbox

Amazon Simple Storage Solution

The amazing paid tool was launched by the Amazon, in 2006. The American firm made this toll under various parallel web development programs that are currently ran by them. It will give you a really convenient and secure backup service. The easy drag and drop type of file storage makes it easy for the backup of small website. You can simply upload the files from your system to the online storage where you can store up to 5 TB of data.

The Amazon S3 also provides unlimited bandwidth hosting that will make sure that any modified or new data entry on your site is backed up automatically. It is a very convenient way of getting remote backup and hosting at one place and that with a numerous perk that will improve the site performance and also keep your data secure. You can easily backup your WordPress website directly by using the plugin of Firefox. The automatic updates can be configured according to your choice.

Dropbox Backup

Another Cloud Storage expert is Dropbox. It is one of the leading paid online storage solution providers. It is a very smooth and user-friendly tool. They have come with a new add on in their services by the name of Backup Box. Backup Box helps you to securely transfer anything on an FTP server to your Dropbox account.

You can directly copy the web directory with help of FTP and transfer your data directly to Dropbox in compressed on uncompressed formats. You can turn on the various automatic backup options that are available and then your websites data will be directly forming a backup. You can also use your hosting server panel such as cPanel to back up your website on Backup Box. It will require you to create an FTP account for the backup to be made.

Final Words

Data backup has become must for every web developer as the data is being updated and transformed every few minutes, so choose the option that suits you better.

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