How to Get a Wide Area Network for Your Business?

Businesses and big companies all over the world are looking out for ways to connect all the offices and resources of the business with each other in one form or the other. A lot of you must have noticed Local Area Network running through in your office. Wide Area Network is just the same thing just that, it operates at a wider scale and is spread across different locations countries and regions.

Let’s just say that you want to connect two different offices from the single network where one office is located in London and the other office is located in New York. Below, we have listed some of the ways that you’ll be able to achieve this connection and establish a network.Getting Wide Area Network for your Business

Leased Line

This is a point to point connection between two different computers or Local Area Networks. This is definitely the most secure option and also the most expensive one. The type of protocols that you can use is as follows:

  • Point to Point protocol: This is a data link protocol to establish a direct connection between two different networking nodes. It provides connection authentication, privacy, encryption transmission and compression.
  • High level data link control: This is a bit oriented synchronous data link layer protocol. This can be used for point to multi-point connections.
  • Synchronous Data Link Control: This is a computer communications protocol. SDLC supports a multipoint links as well as error connection.

Circuit Switching

A dedicated circuit path is created between the two ends. The best example of this is a dialup connection. The types of protocols that can be used here are as follows:

  • Point to point protocol (PPP)
  • ISDN: Integrated service digital network is a set of communications standards that helps to facilitate simultaneous communications in the form of transmission of voice, data and other medium by using a telephone line.

Cell Relay

This is similar to packet switching but they use length cells instead of variable length packets. This type is definitely good for simultaneous transmission of video and data. The types of protocols that can be used here are as follows:

  • ATM: This is a standardized digital data transmission technology. This has been implemented as a network protocol that can transport the real time video conference and audio and image files via both text and emails.

Final Words

Circuit switching is considered as the most efficient and cost-effective method used by almost all the business houses. It uses high speed internet as the medium of transportation. For the connection apart from the modems that are provided to you by the service providers you’ll also need routers at both the ends. The good routers are the ones that come with a security firewall pre-installed in them. The firewalls will be running at both the routers in order to provide security to the network. The protocol that most business houses are likely to use is point to point protocols.

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