Discover How to Use Amazon S3 As a Remote Storage, Backup Drive Or File Sharing Server

Amazon is a familiar name to all of us with its e-commerce platform being the most used one worldwide. They have made a reputation for themselves by providing various products that are easily accessible to you. Apart from the portal Amazon also runs various e-commerce & internet development programs that are really helpful for those who are coming up in this industry of web sharing and resource providing.

One such service offered by Washington based giant is Amazon S3, where S3 stands for the Simple Storage Service. It is exactly what it is called, a simple and easy to use storage option for both your website and backing personal data as well. Other online storage options provide just the storage option and file sharing for your personal data but here as a web developer you get it all at one place.Using Amazon S3

Amazon S3 as Remote Storage

The tool allows you to access the backup data from your system anywhere by simple login. The data is very well protected with a high level of ciphers that are used by the Amazon to protect your data. The performance is very good as it will back up the data from the last run when connected to internet thereby making it possible for you to access the latest data from your system. Also, it allows you to store files of size up to 5 terabytes. This makes it the best paid remote storage service offered as you can almost store all your essential files at one place.

Backup your data

There is always issue with the backing up of data at other cloud storage potions as they don’t provide your flexible options for backing up the data as you want it. Amazon as overcame this issue by giving you a total control over the backup drive that is handled by your account. The best aspect for windows user is that they can even schedule their backups by placing a reminder on the Task Scheduler application in their systems. The flexible backup intervals will allow you to set the backup time as you like. It will also backup the modified files which were earlier backed up. The backups appear in a very convenient hierarchal tree like format, which makes it easy to access the data when you need it.

File sharing made easy

Another feature that sets apart this tool by Amazon is the added feature of easy file sharing using HTTP or even Bit Torrent. Once you have uploaded any file or image you can choose to either make those file public or personal. You can specify the visibility of each file that you will be uploading. The easy to use sharing allows you to simply share a URL with your friend for him to see or download the file.

Final Words

The multiple benefits of this amazing web service developed by Amazon makes it smarter choice over other conventional storage options. We hope you were helped by our article.

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