What Are The Privacy Policies Of Chatroulette App?

Chatroulette is connecting people around the world with its amazing features, specifications, and unique quality. The online platform uses a web-cam to provide chatting and video calling services to its users. Chatroulette is a famous online chatting platform popularly known for connecting random users around the globe. Several apps are based on a chatroulette platform that provides different features for chatting and video calling purposes. Random users of the app are connected randomly based on the match from across the world. The connected users are allowed to pick another conversation with a different user, leaving the present conversation at any point.

Chatroulette App Privacy Policy

There are many chatting applications available on the platform for IOS and Android operating system users. One of the important topics to discuss related to the application of its privacy policy. If you are resisting yourself from using the amazing online chatting platform that is Chatroulette because you have issues trusting your information or data on the application. Here, this article will help you clear all the doubts about the chatroulette application related to its privacy policy so you can use the application without any doubts. The privacy policy of the Chatroulette app can be understood better in detail by different segments:


  • The Chatroulette app hasn’t made the previous privacy version of the application available anywhere on the internet. Besides, the current privacy policy does not show or indicate any effective date of the version update.
  • There is no evaluation of the policy regarding notification of new privacy policy updates. Also, unevaluated information about how the notification related to privacy updates is notified.
  • Not evaluated whether the users can contact the application’s support group regarding any question or query related to the app’s privacy policy.
  • The privacy policy is available in the English language. Though, no evaluation is available if the privacy policies of Chatroulette are available in any other language.
  • No evaluation is available whether the policies indicate to the product are covered under the privacy policy of the application.
  • The privacy policy does not specify whether the platform is legally allowed to be used by children below 18 or below 13 years old. No evaluation is available if the app has shared any information regarding the status or age of the user.

Data Collection

  • Unclear if the application keeps the data of the user confidential.
  • No evaluation is available if the data belonging to every registered user is collected by categories inside the app.
  • Did not evaluate if the data of a user belonging to a certain age group is collected by the application.
  • Did not evaluate if any part of the personal information of the user is collected by the app for any survey or report.
  • Unclear if any part of the collected data is excluded from the privacy policy of the application.
  • Unclear if the collected data is limited to the requirements of the application.

Chatroulette Privacy Policy

Data Sharing

  • No evaluation if the collected or stored data is shared with the third-party application connected to the Chatroulette app. Also, no evaluation available regarding the notification or indication of reasons if the data is shared with a third party.
  • Did not evaluate whether the collected data is shared for analytics.
  • Did not evaluate if the data can be deleted from a third party if found to be misused.
  • Did not evaluate if the app has indicated the involvement of a third party in its privacy policies.
  • Unclear if the user’s information or data is stored in an anonymous format.
  • No evaluation is available if the shared data can be downloaded by the user.


  • No evaluation is available if the user’s personal information is verified by the application.
  • Unclear if the app requires registration by the user for using its services.
  • Did not evaluate if two-factor authentication is applied to secure the user’s information and shared data.
  • Did not evaluate if the information related to the user is made limited to the employees.
  • Unclear if the user’s shared data or personal information are subjected to end-to-end encryption by the application.
  • Unclear if the application performs data privacy and security-compliance audits for the security of user’s personal information and shared data.

Responsible Use

  • Unclear if the application connects verified or trusted users to each other.
  • Unclear if all the users of the application are trusted and their registration in the app is verified,
  • Unclear if the information of the user is displayed publically on the application.
  • Did not evaluate whether the users are allowed to control their profile display.
  • Did not evaluate whether the user-created content or shared data is reviewed, screened, or monitored by the service providers.
  • Did not evaluate if the user is allowed to restrict, or block the content they are not interested in.
  • Unclear if the interaction between different users is monitored or saved as data.


  • Did not evaluate whether the third parties are allowed to share advisement in between the user’s surfing or browsing.
  • Unclear if the application displays the advertisements to a targeted or behavioral audience.
  • Unclear if the displayed advertisement is filtered. Did not evaluate whether the displayed advertisement is shown to the people of certain age group.
  • Did not evaluate if the service provider can send marketing messages.
  • Did not evaluate whether the user is allowed to unsubscribe to certain advisement.
  • Did not evaluate whether a user can receive service- or administrative-related communications from the vendor.


  • Unclear if the application monitors or tracks the behavior of users below 18 or 13 years old.
  • Unclear if the application requires parental concern for users who are below the age of 13 years.
  • No evaluation is available if the application does indicate the legal jurisdiction that applies to the laws governing any dispute.
  • Did not evaluate if the user is required to sign the privacy pledge and the user accepting the privacy policies receives any certificate for accepting all the privacy policies.

The Bottom Line

These were some privacy policies of the Chatroulette App. Before you start using the app, make sure you thoroughly read them, so that in case of future emergencies you can refer to them for any help from the customer support team.

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